Frequently Asked Questions

  • is an online service to manage your privacy and persona across the web. We find information about you across the internet, social media accounts, and data resellers. We gather the information found, analyze it, and then generate a dashboard with recommendations and tools to make changes.

  • The information you’ve shared over decades across different sites is now being used by organizations to make decisions about who you are, without your knowledge. Employers, Banks, and Insurers are now using this information to make decisions about who you are. It’s time to clean up those old posts and photos, change your privacy settings, and take control of your data, so it is yourself online.

  • was founded by two ex-Google employees in 2018 who saw how consumers needed help to manage their privacy and online content. We’re building a company that’s founded on trust and transparency from the ground up. We’re a paid service, and we only use your data to provide the service to you.

    In case you’re still concerned, we’re a team of real people sitting in offices in Austin, USA, and London, UK, and you’re always welcome to call us on (US) 512 961 8558 or (UK) 020 7193 8292. We’d be more than happy to speak to you.

  • Our current release has three valuable features:

    Social Media Cleanup: We review your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for any content that you’ve posted that may be damaging to your professional reputation. We then provide you with the tools to delete, archive and manage your old posts, photos and tweets.

    Privacy Settings Management: We scan for your accounts and profiles and then guide you through changing your privacy settings on 20+ major networks and online services, ensuring you’re only sharing the data you want to share.

    Password Breaches: We’ll search for any instances where your password has been compromised in a data breach and is available on the dark web. We’ll also tell you what the password is, so you know what to do to take action.

  • Step 1 - Scan: searches all over the web and across your profiles for your data. We even access the places where your data may be being gathered and sold without your knowledge.

    Step 2 - Review: consolidates this data in an easy to use dashboard. We analyze your information and give recommendations on the actions you should take.

    Step 3 - Control: makes it easy to clean up your social media content and fix your privacy settings across the web.

  • We scan your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles looking for any Photos, Tweets, and Posts that you’ve posted that may be professionally damaging. We define this as photos that contain nudity, violence, drugs, alcohol or weapons, and text content that contains swearing, toxic comments, or highly negative sentiment. More details our philosophy in our blog post here and a full list of categories of items is here.

  • We always consider the security of your data in everything we do. Our website is SSL secure encrypted, and a leading security expert has independently audited our infrastructure. We have also achieved the UK National Cyber Security Centre, Cyber Essentials certification.

  • Data and privacy are central to what we do. We will always act with integrity and will only use your data to provide our service to you. We will always be as clear and transparent about how we hold and handle your information. Full details of these policies are set out clearly within our Privacy Policy and in a blog post from our CEO.

  • We believe our service should make it easy to manage your online privacy and persona. If it doesn’t, let us know by email to, we’ll put it right and refund your payment. Simple.

  • You can pay using a range of payment cards alongside Apple and Google Pay. These include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, using our online payment partner, Stripe.

  • If you wish to delete your account at any time, please email, and we’ll get straight back to you.