About yourself.online

Founded in 2018, yourself.online is on a mission to give you the tools to manage your social media and online accounts so that you’re empowered, rather than disadvantaged, by the information you share online.

Isn’t it odd that so much of our lives are spent online, but we don’t give nearly as much attention to our online image as we do to how we come across in person? To add to this, as we post, click and like more and more managing what we share and what we look like online becomes even more difficult.

The information you leave behind online is all too often used by individuals and organizations to make decisions about who you are. Which could stop you getting a job, credit, insurance and even more. Sounds scary? Well it is why we decided to create yourself.online - your online guardian.

We want to help you strike that right balance of showcasing your best self online; yet ensuring what needs to stay private, stays that way. Ultimately, our goal is to empower you to be more successful online, through creating the right online presence and having better control of the information you share.

Meet the team

Founded in 2018 by two ex Google employees who saw how consumers needed help managing their privacy and online content. Our company is founded on trust, transparency, and privacy from the ground up.

  • James Chance

    Founder & CEO

    Photo of James Chance
  • Dimitrios Mistriotis

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Photo of Dimitrios Mistriotis

    We’re real people based in the United States and UK! Get in touch with us at info@yourself.online - We’d love to hear from you!

    Our Values

    • Transparency

      We will always be transparent with our customers about how we operate and handle their data.

    • Integrity

      We will always act with integrity towards our customers and put their interests first.

    • Curiosity

      We’re not afraid to ask big questions and solve big problems.

    • Growth Mindset

      We don’t settle with things as they are, we support each other to achieve individual and company growth.

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