What does the web say about you?

From your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to your Instagram and Twitter, every photo, post and like leaves a trace.

And that’s not all. Companies are now analysing your data to make decisions about who you are from your online footprint.

We scan for your online data, and generate a report to manage your privacy and image online. Take control today and be sure that it really is yourself online.

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YourSelf.online user data report
  • Scan online


    yourself.online searches all over the web and across your profiles for your data.

    We even access the places where your data may be being gathered and sold without your knowledge.

  • Review your data


    yourself.online consolidates your data in an easy to use online report.

    We analyse your information and give recommendations on how to improve your privacy and what’s online about you.

  • Control your privacy


    yourself.online makes it easy to delete or edit what people can see about you on the web.

    We guide you through your privacy settings across sites and use the recent GDPR laws to fix what you don’t want.

  • "Great peace of mind for any busy professional" Sarah B.

  • "I didn't know those photos were public on the internet" Irene K.

  • "It's almost like having Online Insurance" John A.

  • "It found sites I hadn't used in ages and data I should have control of" Cassandra C.

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