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We give you the tools to clean up your social media and manage your online accounts so there’s nothing standing in the way of your next opportunity.

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The information shared on social media is causing real problemsWhy it matters

Whatever you share on social media affects you in real life. Your chance to make a good first impression is likely to be before you ever meet someone. When you apply for a job, meet a new business contact or even find your next landlord - it’s likely you’ll be checked out online. Who knows what they’ll see, it could be those party pictures from college or that unfortunate tweet about an old boss that comes back to haunt you.

It’s about not letting people or companies make flawed judgments about you, ensuring you have the opportunity to be successful wherever life takes you. Let us help you to find and delete the old posts, photos and videos that could be holding you back.

A 3 Step Process

  • 1. Get your score

    Quickly review your social media accounts. Your Persona Score will tell you what you need to fix.

  • 2. Clean up

    Easily delete old posts and photos with our automated tools.

  • 3. Monitor

    Always be your best self online with our ongoing rescanning and bi-weekly email updates.

Make the right first impression

Review old tweets, posts, photos and videos across your social media accounts. Don’t let old, embarrassing posts stop you from your next opportunity.

  • Manage your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts in one convenient place.
  • We flag anything that might be damaging to your reputation or career, so you can project the best version of yourself online.
  • Your Persona Score and recommendations will show you what you need to review.

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Save time cleaning up

Deleting old posts and photos can take hours manually. Let us help you clean up and lockdown your profiles.

  • Delete across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with our automated tools that can quickly delete years of your old social media in one go.
  • Be confident of what you’re sharing, with who, using our walkthrough settings guides for the top 20+ sites.
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Ongoing peace of mind for your online self

Your online self is more important than ever. We’ll be there for you to make sure you always look your best online.

  • We’ll regularly rescan your accounts and alert you with any changes.
  • Our easy to use guides and tools will help you build your LinkedIn profile.
  • You’ll always know where you stand with our bi-weekly email updates.

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The best service out there to clean up your social media

  • 2,881,584Posts, photos & videos analyzed
  • 5%Items are flagged
  • 88%Customers have flagged items

We're on this journey with you, every step of the way

We've got you covered across the networksOur technology

Our service allows you to quickly review your social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In only a few minutes, our unique technology finds and deletes the old posts, photos and videos that could negatively affect recruiters, companies and other professionals perception of you online.

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  • GET STARTEDFree Persona Score

    Scan your social media accounts

    Get your Persona Score and number of flagged items


  • TAKE ACTIONFull Account

    Scan your social media accounts

    View detailed results

    Quickly delete with our tools

    Optimize your LinkedIn profile

    20+ guides to manage your settings

    Personal support via email and phone


    6 Months’ rescanning, alerts and email updates with your new score


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  • I looked around for a while and is the most comprehensive tool out there

  • I've been on social media for years and is great to clear it up

  • Very easy to clean up stuff from my cringy high school years!

  • The features allow me to decide what to do with the data found

  • Great peace of mind

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