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Private, secure and actionable insights for your online presence.How it works

We scan for your data across the web, analyze the content and then guide you through actions tailored to your unique ambitions & needs. Ultimately we empower you to be in control of your online privacy and persona.

Your Tools

  • Social Media Cleanup

    Connect your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to scan and delete content that may be embarrassing or damaging to your reputation.

  • Privacy Settings Tools

    Actionable insights and walkthroughs on updating your privacy settings to ensure you’re only sharing the data you want to share.

  • Data Breach Monitoring

    Ongoing scans of the visible and dark web to identify if your data has been breached, with actions to take control.

Clean up old tweets, posts and photos.

Make the right first impression by cleaning up your social media accounts. Don’t let old, embarrassing content stop you getting a new job, or your next business engagement.

  • Quickly analyze your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Find photos and posts that may be harmful to your online persona.
  • Delete and archive with our easy to use tool.
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Feel confident about your privacy.

Privacy settings on sites are confusing. Feel in control of what you share with our account scan and walkthrough guides.

  • Identify gaps in your online privacy.
  • Limit the spread of your personal details.
  • Feel in control of your privacy settings.
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Monitor and protect your online life.

Your online data is more important than ever. Be the first to know if your online privacy or persona changes. We’re always there to help when you need us.

  • Industry leading dark-web monitoring for password and data breaches.
  • Rescanning and alerts for any changes to your online persona or privacy.
  • We’ll tell you any action needed in easy and transparent steps.
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Use Cases

  • Job Seekers

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    Present the right persona to your potential employer.

  • Professionals

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    Ensure your clients only see what you want them to see.

  • Privacy Advocates

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    Feel in control of all your different online accounts.

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  • Social media review
  • Privacy settings walkthroughs
  • Dark web breach scan
  • Rescanning and alerts
  • Personal support via email and chat


  • Premium Account$39.95
  • 6 Months' Monitoring Included
  • One-Time Payment$39.95

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