About Us

The average person has been active online for almost two decades, building online versions of themselves across a huge number of online profiles, accounts and apps. As we’ve all shared more and more data, managing our privacy and what we look like online has become increasingly complicated with a myriad of privacy settings and terms which leave almost no peace of mind.

Alongside this, we have lost visibility of what our online data is being used for. We now live in the age where companies and individuals can easily make decisions about who we are as a person using the information we’ve left online about us, even if it’s years old. If something you did online 7 years ago was picked up by an AI algorithm, and stopped you from getting a job or mortgage, wouldn’t you want to know about it and fix it?

With advances in technology, the use of online profiling will become more and more widespread. However, there is an opportunity. The new European GDPR legislation has enabled us to control our information and given us the right to fix, remove and transfer our data. Now is the time to take control of the information that is online about you, and be sure that it really is yourself online.

Our Vision:

Our vision for yourself.online is to be the global guardian of online identity and personal data. We want to provide full transparency of where your data is, and how it is being used and read by individuals and companies.

We pledge to be:

Trustworthy. We will act with integrity and will not sell the information we hold on you to any 3rd parties. We will always consider the security of your data and how it is handled in everything we do.

Transparent. We will always be as clear and transparent as we can about how we hold and handle your information.

Simple. We will always try and ensure that our products make things simpler rather than more complex. We will use language that’s easy to understand and explain anything that might seem complex.

Useful. We will always try and ensure that our products bring insights and recommendations that are useful to you and can be actioned.

Who are we?

yourself.online was established by James Chance, whose background includes analytical roles at Google and within management consulting. The wider yourself.online team includes ex-Googlers and professionals from a range of technology firms, consumer businesses and start-ups. We are also supported by a team of advisors from leading global tech and venture firms.