How we help students take control of their online persona

Written by Lexie on August 10, 2020

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Hundreds of students from schools throughout the United States and Europe are using to take control of their online persona and your school can be next.

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Since launching we’ve had hundreds of students from colleges and universities use our service including the leading institutions above.

Back to (Virtual) School

For students around the country, summer is coming to an end and it is time to head back to the classroom. However, for most students, back to school will look very different this year. Many colleges and universities are adopting virtual and distance learning options and starting the year with online courses and remote learning. Although lectures and classes may be virtual, one thing does remain the same; college is an opportunity to explore your interests and prepare for your future.

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Beyond enrolling in specific courses, students join clubs and organizations to explore their career options. Then, whether they decide to apply for a specific job, internship, or graduate school, students will spend countless hours preparing their applications, perfecting their resumes, and tailoring their cover letters. All of this hard work and effort ensures that a student is in the best position to receive that job offer or acceptance letter they strive for. However, there is one more thing that students need to prepare for as it gains traction with admissions counselors and recruiters: their online persona.

Job seekers are currency facing an extremely tough job market and employers (and graduate programs) are using social media to learn more about candidates beyond what they learn from a resume and cover letter. While some are using social media scanning to uncover red flags, others are using social media to determine whether they believe a candidate will fit in with their company or school culture. The world is continuing to shift online and a person’s online reputation and presence is becoming more important than ever and is being scanned more frequently. In order to make sure that students have access to and can take control of their online persona while preparing for their job search, partners with colleges and universities to offer our solution and expertise.

College and University Partnerships

By partnering with colleges and universities, we are able to provide students with the tools and resources to take control of where their data is available publicly, remove unwanted social media posts and take action to understand their privacy settings across sites. In addition to this, we have a comprehensive series of webinars to proactively guide students through creating the right online persona to be successful.

We are able to provide all of this at a discounted price for schools based on volume and support active engagement with webinars from persona management experts. These partnerships offer benefits to both students and schools alike:

  • Students will have access to the dashboard with personal insights and recommended actions, webinars to learn the latest information about persona management and access to ongoing rescanning
  • Colleges and Universities will receive utilization reports on engagement with the tool through a dedicated account manager, aggregated (non-identifiable) data from the social media reviews, and complimentary educational webinars provided to students on persona management

Want to help your students clean up their online personas? We can help!

We partner with schools both large and small to offer to their students at a discounted price and support user engagement with webinars and training. To learn more about our tool and how we can partner with your college or university, schedule a meeting with our team or reach out to us at

Interested in cleaning up your online persona?

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