How do I manage my Twitter privacy settings?

Written by Jonathon on February 24, 2020

Twitter logo alongside two smartphones showing the twitter login screen and illustration of the social media network.

Twitter is an amazing domain of original thought, news, current affairs, politics, trends, celebrity gossip, pop culture and more.

But it’s also a repository, saving every single tweet we’ve ever written, every single comment, like and share. Some of these we’re happy to keep. Others are probably best forgotten about or even deleted. We're there for you; with you can review, delete and archive your entire twitter timeline.

Twitter’s privacy settings allow you to control who can see your Tweets and Twitter activity, so you remain in control of your privacy and data. The top three settings you should look at are:

There are many other privacy settings to look into, such as controlling your location-sharing with Tweets, Google search visibility (even deleted Tweets may still live in search results), and privacy controls for personalized ads.

These settings can be managed within the app - head to Settings>Privacy. An overview of privacy-related topics and FAQs are available here.

It’s a good habit to check your settings regularly to ensure you’re always in control.

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