How to take control with

Written by Jonathon on March 13, 2020

Image of a woman using a laptop who is confident having taking control of her privacy and persona with is founded on a simple pretence, that you should be able to have control over what you’ve shared online in the past and going forward.

We certainly don’t advocate going completely dark, as that’s practically impossible for the majority of us who use online services for professional, social and networking reasons. Instead, we aim to be your digital guardian, guiding you to make informed and practical choices about your online persona and privacy. Here we explain the key features of our platform.

At the top of your profile page you’ll see your score, actions and alerts. This dashboard gives you an overview of your online presence whilst also enabling you to see your progress over time. The dashboard corresponds to the individual component below, so you can see what contributes to your score and how it’s compiled.

Our most popular feature is ‘Manage your online persona’ where you connect your social media profiles to our platform. We then run diagnostic scans of them to highlight what is publicly available and any posts we think deserve some attention. These can include awkward social pictures from years ago, and comments that haven’t aged very well amongst others. We currently support Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is launching soon.

Another popular feature is the ‘Data breach scan’ tool. This tool runs a scan of the dark web and visible web to see if your email or login credentials have ever been compromised in a hack and made their way into a marketplace of stolen credentials. It will show you which hack it was involved in, when it was located online, if your password was taken, and any other available information about the breach.

Finally, we have a plethora of privacy walkthroughs of major platforms and websites available to you. These guides cover things like privacy settings, activating and deleting accounts, requesting copies of the data the service holds on you and general tips on how to make the most of your account. We’re constantly adding to this list so it’s good practice to check back regularly.

In the interests of full transparency, we also have an FAQ page dedicated to how we use your data. This includes why we need access to your social media accounts, your personal details, cookie settings and ways to delete your account with us. We will never sell your data to third parties and only use your data for providing our services. This is why you need to pay for our service, as 'free' is never really free on the internet. We also make our T&Cs and Privacy Policy readable by anyone, rather than just lawyers.

We hope the above sounds of interest to you and you’re ready to begin taking back control of your online persona and privacy. We’re always here to help, so start by signing up at and making use of our tools.