Election Day 2020: Where do the candidates stand on online issues?

Written by Dessi on November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020: Where do the candidates stand on online issues?

As the US election day is upon us, we have gathered press from trusted sources that go through and provide you with an objective overview of where the candidates stand on online privacy, social media and Big Tech.

As we wait for the results to come in, take some time to familiarize yourself with the key issues - the good news is that both candidates have taken a stance towards making the internet a safer, fairer place and a resource for all people to share equally.

Fast Company: What Big Tech has to gain—and lose—from a Biden presidency

Wall Street Journal: Where Trump and Biden Stand on Big Tech

Market Watch: Here’s where Biden and Trump stand on antitrust, social media and other tech issues

VICE: The Trump Administration Is Attacking Critical Internet Privacy Tools

POLITICO: Why Trump’s administration is going after the GDPR

Our team is anxiously awaiting the results, just like most of America is; either way we will continue to provide our members with key news and insights and build out our product and features to provide for any gaps that might be missing in legislation.

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