It’s easy to clean up your old social media on Facebook with

Written by James on July 26, 2021

Image of facebook logo in a trash can

Can you remember what you did in the summer of 2012? Well the odds are you probably can’t, but your Facebook probably will know! In our latest blog post we explain how easy it is to delete your old Facebook posts and photos with and our advanced social media clean up tools.

Since Facebook launched in 2004, it has been the go to for many of our customers to share their photos and memories for the last decade. Unfortunately for many, those old posts and photos haven’t aged well and aren’t a reflection of who they are today. From embarrassing college photos, to posts which don’t paint our former selves in the best light, it’s quite likely you might have something you'll need to take down and delete.

We’ve found that the average customer has over 1,500 Facebook posts and photos, which would take hours to review and delete manually. Facebook doesn't exactly make it easy to review and delete old content, with individuals often needing to click in several places per photo or post to take something down, which definitely adds up..

At we’re here to help, our proprietary software makes it quick and easy to review and delete your old posts and photos on Facebook. After connecting your account, our scan will automatically review your old post and photos looking for content which could damage your professional reputation. If you do have any flagged items to review, they’ll be shown in your dashboard and on your own personal Persona Score.

When using our Facebook feature you can navigate your old photos and posts in one place and can select items to delete from a specific date range or even search for a photo or post by putting in a place, category or keyword in the search bar. Then, following this, mark the item in the checkbox and press delete. Our Chrome Browser extension will then start to delete each item for you in your own browser, saving you hours of time compared to finding and clicking each one manually. Just check out how easy it is in the short video below:

Our social media clean up service also covers Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. So, sign up today to scan your accounts for free to get started and then join the thousands of others who’ve cleaned up their social media quickly and easily with