A walkthrough of the yourself.online dashboard

Written by Jonathon on June 11, 2020

Overview of the yourself.online dashboard

Welcome to yourself.online, your digital online guardian. Every day we help customers take control of their digital lives through improving their privacy and helping them craft their online persona. Here's an overview of the features we provide:

Your Dashboard

y.o dashboard overview

It all starts with our dashboard. After you’ve connected your social media accounts and email addresses to our platform, we run a scan to identify potentially problematic posts or online activity and provide a toolkit and recommendation engine to manage these.

First, we show you Your Score. We scan your digital footprint to score your online persona and privacy out of 100. We analyze your posts, photos and other content and flag high risk items that need reviewing.

Next is Your Alerts & Actions where we highlight the most pressing issues and guide you to take action. This is a high level summary of the most pressing actions and we recommend you address these first.

Finally is Factors that affect your score. We use a traffic light system to highlight the severity of issues we have found. Focus on High Risk factors first and work down from there.

Manage your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Overview of the yourself.online dashboard

Below the dashboard we have the social media module. This connects directly to your social media profiles and surfaces potentially professionally damaging content. We also equip you with the tools to review your content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and delete old content on Twitter.

Check for breaches of your Privacy & Online Security

Overview of the yourself.online dashboard

Next we look at potential breaches of your privacy by scanning the visible and dark web. If we find evidence of your email address or details being compromised we notify you and provide information on the breach.

Our privacy guides cover popular social media platforms and other commonly used digital services. We help you find old accounts and show you how to control your privacy across these so you feel secure with what you share.

Overview of the yourself.online dashboard

You're always in control

Here at yourself.online we believe in full transparency in everything we do. This is why we make it as easy as possible for you to control what data we host on the platform and only use it in the prescribed ways.

To take control of your online life, head to yourself.online and get started today. Within minutes you can start managing your digital footprint so you project the best version of yourself and remain in control of it.