Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an online service to view your presence across the web. We find information relating to you across numerous websites, data exchanges and data resellers. Following this, we gather the information found, analyse it and then generate a report that provides recommendations about how you can improve your online presence and privacy.

How does your service work?

Step 1 - Scan: searches all over the web and across your profiles for your data. We even access the places where your data may be being gathered and sold without your knowledge.

Step 2 - Review: consolidates your data in an easy to use online report. We analyse your information and give recommendations on how to improve your privacy and what’s online about you.

Step 3 - Control: makes it easy to delete or edit what people can see about you on the web. We guide you through your privacy settings across sites and use the recent GDPR laws to fix what you don’t want.

How do I know the site is secure?

Our website and online storage is SSL secure encrypted and has been audited by McAfee Secure, a global leader in online security. It’s possible to check this at anytime by clicking on the McAfee Secure logo in the bottom right of the screen. We always consider the security of your data and how it is handled in everything we do.

How do you keep my data and manage my privacy?

Data and Privacy is central to what we do. We will always act with integrity and will not sell the information we hold on you to any 3rd parties. We will always be as clear and transparent as we can about how we hold and handle your information. Full details of these policies are set out clearly within our GDPR and Privacy Statements here

Why don’t I just search for myself using Google?

Our service finds more than you would with a typical online search and saves you time. We use deep search technology and access to 3rd party data exchanges and resellers to find your information. We even search known data breaches to find if your data has been compromised and is being resold without your knowledge.

What do I get for the money?

Our PLUS service, provides a full profile of your public presence across the web and assesses your online privacy. In addition to this your personalised report gives actionable recommendations on how you can improve your online presence for example when applying for new job, or to safeguard your professional brand. Through connecting online services such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, we’re able to provide analysis on the data you have on these platforms. We provide the ability to request to change or delete your data though a GDPR request or supported walkthrough guide. Support is available anytime through email and phone.

Our PRO service is aimed towards individuals who wish to safeguard and manage their online profile proactively. In addition to all the features in PLUS, we provide tailored recommendations and regular updates designed to maintain and reinforce the integrity of your online reputation.

How can I pay?

You can pay using a wide range of payment cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express using our online payment partner, Stripe.

How can I cancel?

Our paid services come with a 30-day money back guarantee; if you’re not happy with our services please email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. In addition to this, if you wish to delete your account at anytime, please email [email protected]

What are your terms and conditions?

Details of our website terms of service and product terms and conditions are given upon registering for our services and can be found here:Terms and Conditions.