Employers screen candidates online. Can you be sure of what they'll see?

Up to 70% of employers use social media to screen during hiring and reject candidates because of it.

Presenting the right online persona is critical but time-consuming and daunting; yourself.online provides the tools your students need.

Every hiring manager will do a Google search on your name, most companies keep an eye on your social networks, and in several industries, you’re expected to have an online presence.

Charlie Warzel - New York Times

70% of recruiters screen candidates’ social media profiles when they apply for jobs

Career Builder

That’s right, something they did on social media got them dropped like hot potatoes.

The Muse

Employers are mining the data their workers generate to figure out what they’re up to, and with whom.

Sarah Krouse - Wall Street Journal

Help your students clean up the past and project the right persona

Our product scans data across the web, analyzes the content and then guides users through actions to clean up and lock down their accounts and build the right online persona to be successful.

  • Analyze and clean up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and TikTok accounts.
  • Find accounts and lock down settings.
  • Proactively build the right professional persona on LinkedIn.
Image of a computer screen with a program deleting old social media posts

The age of digital transparencyLearn More in Our Whitepaper

The line between our personal and professional lives is blurring with the huge shift to virtual and remote working. Learn about why a students online persona is their biggest asset but managing it can be complex and time consuming.

We're an international leader in automated social media review technology

  • 4,838,262Posts, Photos & Videos Analyzed
  • 188,648Potentially damaging items found
  1. Universities: Safeguard employment outcomes

    By using yourself.online, career counselors can empower candidates to take proactive steps to manage their social media and strengthen their online profiles. Counselors work hard to put their candidates in the best position to receive employment offers, yourself.online assures them that their student’s online profiles wont let them down.

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  2. Students: Tell your story and protect yourself

    Enable your students to be their best selves online by using yourself.online, which analyzes social media accounts and flags sensitive content, using AI-based image and text analysis. Your students will be guided through cleaning up their social media and building the right LinkedIn profile to be successful.

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  • Onboarding and training

    Training and product orientation is provided when our service is launched with your university. After this we provide quarterly webinars on persona management for your students.

  • Proactive support

    Your students will receive ongoing rescanning and coaching emails to manage and grow their online persona. Support will always be available through your dedicated account manager by phone or online.

  • Anonymized reporting

    Our real-time reporting keeps you updated on how many students are using the service and the progress your university is making, without sharing identifiable data.

Plans for Consumers & Organizations

  • For ConsumersIndividual Account

    Social media review

    Account scan and settings guides

    LinkedIn optimization tools

    Rescanning and alerts

    Personal support via email and chat

    $109.95 / Year

  • For EducationBulk Sales

    All Consumer features


    Onboarding support

    Dedicated account manager

    Webinars on persona management

    Subject matter expert guidance

    Utilization reporting

    From $35 / Year

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yourself.online provides your students with the tools to take control of their online persona and enhance their career prospects. Our service helps to safeguard employment outcomes whilst allowing your candidates to project their best selves online, all in a way that respects the students privacy.

Email us or book a call today to discuss how we can help and join the leading organizations which have equipped their students with yourself.online:

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