Safeguard Your Athletes on Social Media in Only a Few Clicks

Athletes use social media to connect with coaches, fans and communities. But one negative post can ruin their reputation, tarnish your team’s brand, and impact their future opportunities.

Help your athletes clean up their online persona to protect your team and position themselves for the future.

Recruits: social media matters. I have now dropped 15 recruits this year because of their twitter posts, likes, or retweets. Explicit images, racist words, and demeaning posts are unacceptable. Your thumbs are killing you opportunities.

Coach Josh Lawson (Arkansas Tech Football) via Twitter

An old, offensive tweet from the account of Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo re-emerged just as he was being named Most Outstanding Player of the #FinalFour.

USA Today via Twitter

Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray apologized Sunday morning after anti-gay tweets he made in 2011-12 surfaced, hours after he won the Heisman Trophy.

ESPN SportsCenter via Twitter

RECRUITS: Even during this crazy time, it is incredibly important to make sure you are aware of what you put out on social media! You are ALWAYS representing your family and yourself, make sure what you tweet is the RIGHT representation! We as Coaches are always evaluating!

Coach Tyler Funk (Indiana State University) via Twitter

In 2013, Josh Allen tweeted “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right.” That’s one of those character revealing tweets where age of person and date of tweet are irrelevant. Just. Awful. Among the myriad of reasons not to draft him (he sucks?), this may top the list.

Mark Ryan (ESPN Upstate Radio Host) via Twitter

Cleveland Browns release safety Jermaine Whitehead over threatening tweets

The Hill via Twitter

Help your athletes clean up the past and project the right persona

Our product scans data across the web, analyzes the content and then guides users through actions to clean up and lock down their accounts and build the right online persona to be successful.

  • Analyze and clean up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and TikTok accounts.
  • Find and lock down privacy settings.
  • Proactively build the right professional persona on LinkedIn.
Image of a computer screen with a program deleting old social media posts

We're an international leader in automated social media review technology

  • 188,648Potentially damaging items found
  1. Coaches: Protect your team's brand and the future opportunities for your athletes

    Ensure the social media profiles of your athletes are a positive reflection of who they are. provides peace of mind for coaches by preventing an athletes’ social media post from hindering their career on or off the field.

    Image of coach with women's sports team
  2. Athletes: Take control of social media and future-proof your professional image analyzes social media accounts and flags sensitive content, using AI-based image, video and text analysis. The result is presented in an easy-to-use tool where the athletes can review and change what’s out there about them. Through the process, they will see why their online persona is so important and how it can impact their future.

    Image of three American Football players

  • Onboarding and training

    Training and product orientation is provided when our service is launched with your team. After this we provide quarterly webinars on persona management for your athletes.

  • Proactive support

    Your athletes will receive ongoing rescanning and coaching emails to manage and grow their online persona. Support will always be available through your dedicated account manager by phone or online.

  • Anonymized reporting

    Our real-time reporting keeps you updated on how many athletes are using the service and the progress your team is making, without sharing identifiable data.

Plans for Consumers & Organizations

  • For ConsumersIndividual Account

    Social media review

    Account scan and settings guides

    LinkedIn optimization tools

    Rescanning and alerts

    Personal support via email and chat

    $109.95 / Year

  • For TeamsBulk Sales

    All Consumer features


    Onboarding support

    Dedicated account manager

    Webinars on persona management

    Subject matter expert guidance

    Utilization reports

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