Safeguard Your Employees on Social Media in Only a Few Clicks

How your employees look online matters more than ever before.

Ensure your clients and prospects only see the best side of your team online.

In today's business world, how you look online matters

First impressions are now online. Your employee’s online image is the first thing a potential client or business partner will see.

59% of professionals are now checking social media to get to know their contacts prior to meeting.

Are you confident of how your employees look online?

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Don’t let your employee's social media hit the headlines

We’ve all seen the news. Old social media posts continue to haunt individuals and the organizations they work for, ruining their credibility and reputation.

These instances can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in damage.

You’ve worked hard to build your company brand, don’t let one old post ruin it.

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Empower your employees to clean up their social media in minutes, not days

Maintaining a credible online persona is critical for any employee working in client facing industries but hard to do.

The average person has 1,800+ posts, tweets, photos and videos online.

It can take hours to review and delete content, find old accounts and lock down settings. With, our advanced scanning and resolution tools take minutes.

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We make it simple for your employees to manage their online persona - safeguarding your organizations' reputation

  • Clean-up

    We equip your employee’s with sophisticated AI image, video and text analysis to review their own social media accounts. The results are presented in an easy-to-use tool where they can delete their content, manage their privacy settings and ensure they are only sharing what they want to share.

  • Monitor

    We safeguard how your employees appear online through our ongoing rescanning, and email alerts. Our technology looks for social media posts, photos and videos which could damage their reputation and online accounts and profiles which could damage their privacy.

  • Empower

    We equip your employees with the guidance, tools and coaching they need to build the right online persona on LinkedIn to be successful. Our guides and recommendations of what to post and who to follow will ensure they’re building their voice online.

We're an international leader in automated social media review technology

  • 4,838,262Posts, Photos & Videos Analyzed
  • 188,648Potentially damaging items found
  • 88%Customers have flagged content

An employee's data is never shared with their employer, and never will be

Trust and transparency is central to what we do. We live by this. We’re not a social media vetting service and never will be. Only high level, anonymized data about how employees use our service is shared with employers.

Our service is employer provided, employee empowered.

  1. Onboarding and training

    Training and product orientation is provided when our service is launched with your employees. After this, our highly rated training team is at your disposal with quarterly, tailored webinars on how your employees can build and maintain their online persona.

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  2. Proactive engagement and support

    After using the product for the first time, your employees will receive ongoing monitoring and coaching emails to manage and grow their online persona. Support will always be available through your dedicated account manager by phone or through on-demand guidance online.

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  3. Anonymized utilization dashboard

    Our real-time reporting keeps you updated on how many employees are using the service and the progress your organization is making, without sharing identifiable data. See the average Persona Score over time, number of flagged items and the positive steps employee’s have taken to build their online personas.

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  • For ConsumersIndividual Account

    Social media review

    Account scan and settings guides

    LinkedIn optimization tools

    Rescanning and alerts

    Personal support via email and chat

    $109.95 / Year

  • For OrganizationsBulk Sales

    All Consumer features


    Onboarding support

    Dedicated account manager

    Webinars on persona management

    Subject matter expert guidance

    Utilization reporting

    From $60 / Year