Your privacy: the 6 things you need to do right now

Written by Jonathon on February 1, 2020

 A man and woman standing in front of a large computer screen changing privacy settings of their online profiles

We often get asked what are the best things to do to safeguard your privacy online. Everyone could be doing more, and the different measures to take depend on how you use your devices. Starting with the very basics, here are the top 6 actions you can take to boost your online privacy right now.

  1. Clear your browser cookies. A how-to can be found here for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
  2. Make your social media profiles private so that only your friends can view them. The settings for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are here on our blog.
  3. Change your passwords for your most sensitive accounts including email and any financial services and make sure you use different passwords. Check out our guide to a good password.
  4. Ensure your phone, laptop and tablet are all password-protected.
  5. Use a separate email account for newsletter sign-ups, loyalty programs etc.
  6. Only visit sites with https:// at the start of the URL that show a padlock in the browser. These are secure sites.

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