How we safeguard your privacy

Written by James on January 2, 2020

A man standing on a ladder altering privacy settings in front of a crowd of three who are doing the same on their digital devices

We’ve been building since early 2018, while on this journey we have defined what it means to build our service whilst respecting your privacy and data. Let us explain the principles we live by at to safeguard your data.

We only gather the data we need to deliver our service, and keep it for as least time as possible.

We’re mindful to ensure we only collect what we need to deliver our service and that we keep it for a limited time. We’ll tell you how long it is kept for, and what it’s used for. We’re also sensitive about the cookies we use and do not use any advertising cookies (Facebook, LinkedIn etc).

We give you control of your data.

We give you as much control of your data as we can. We have an easy to use cookie manager to control the cookies we use and explain what they’re for. We have a ‘Delete my account’ button within your account, and we’re not offended if you ask us to delete your account!

We’re transparent.

We tell you how we use your data, rather than what we don’t do with it. Unlike some companies, we only use your data for providing our service to you, which is why we're a paid service. Our privacy policy is also written in clear and simple English rather than legal terms.

We’ve taken security seriously from day 1.

Ever since starting out in 2018 we’ve taken your security seriously. We use IT best practices and have partnered with security services Cloudflare and Mcafee Secure. We maintain restricted, token based access to our systems and have been externally audited by a leading IT consultant.

We track the 3rd parties that connect to our platform and ensure they only use your data for providing our service to you.

When you use our website, you may use a 3rd party service such as Stripe for card payments, or Intercom for messaging the team. We keep records of these and ensure they’re only using your data the way it should be.

We go above and beyond what’s required by regulations.

Not only do we self certify compliance with GDPR in Europe, CCPA in California and the EU-US Privacy Shield but we make sure we’re go above and beyond in how we handle your data and privacy.

Transparency and trust are part of our company's values.

We’re building a company that puts transparency and trust in the centre of what we do. Our company values guide how we handle your data and are central to the way we do things, day in, day out.

If you want to discuss any of these principles at any time, feel free to call or email us