Professionals are looking their contacts up online. What do they look for?

Written by James on February 1, 2021

Young woman looking shocked and pointing at the screen of a laptop

In today's age, more professionals than ever find themselves working remotely and connecting with others virtually. Before connecting with others online, do you search their name? If so, you're not alone. The majority of professionals are looking up their business and social contacts online before connecting or meeting them remotely. We decided to commission a 3rd party survey of 300 professionals to find out where they’re looking and what they’re looking for. The results were surprising!

For the majority; first impressions are online.

51% of respondents admitted looking a contact up online before meeting with them. The leaders of this were the under 45s, with 40% of 25-34 year olds reporting they ‘always’ looked a contact up online and 41% of 35-44 year olds reporting they looked a contact up online ‘most of the time’.

Business is now personal. Facebook is checked almost as much as Google.

The main reason driving our respondents curiosity was for business, with 49% of respondents citing business reasons to research a new contact online, beyond social at 36% and home service providers at 30%.


59% of respondents reported checking Facebook to learn more about their contacts, coming close second to Google at 60%. LinkedIn was used by a third of respondents, whilst 15% use Instagram and 9% Twitter.


Red flags matter almost as much as your background.

Checking a contact’s professional background and resume, was the main reason our respondents were researching their contacts online, cited by 54% of respondents. But, the need to check for anything negative was close behind, cited by 48% of respondents. Their search for potential red flags runs deep..a quarter of respondents admitted checking a contact’s photos to learn more about them.


So, time to make sure you’re making the right first impression online?

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GCS Online Survey for US based individuals aged 25-65+. Targeted at Business Media Sites over 18-25 January 2021. 292 Respondents.