Is your Halloween going to haunt you for years to come?

Written by Dessi on October 26, 2020

Make sure you’re making good online choices this Halloween

Is your Halloween going to haunt you for years to come?

With Halloween coming up this weekend, many of us are excitedly planning our costumes and figuring out how to, in a safe and socially distant way, have a fun night. Whether that includes outdoor activities or virtual costume contests, your actions from one night can easily stay with you for years to come.

Have you cleaned out the skeletons in your closet?

Do you remember what you have shared in Halloween’s past? It might be time to do a check in and see what you uncover. Having posted a humorous costume, that may have been on the edge of inappropriate, or attending a rowdy party is in most cases harmless fun; but can paint the wrong picture when a potential employer or client is looking you up. Check out our free Facebook scan and see what you find and take the opportunity to clean out those skeletons!

Here is our checklist for a slightly less “frightful” Halloween this year

Follow your local government’s COVID guidelines

Halloween has come in strong this year with a global pandemic, make sure that you are following the regulations set for the region that you live in - whether that is staying within your household, socializing only outdoors, or limiting those you interact with. Virtual halloween costume contests through Zoom or social media posts are a great way to show off your creativity!

Consider the people that will be around you

When planning your costume or what activities you’ll engage in, consider the people that will be around you. If you’re with friends, will anyone be likely to take pictures and tag you in them? If you’re attending a virtual happy hour with your coworkers, is your costume idea appropriate - could it accidentally be offensive to anyone?

Are your old social media posts Tricks or Treats?

Halloween is notorious for leaving us with great memories - but maybe try to keep those stories outside of your actual Instagram story. Holidays like Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, New Year’s eve can be a lot of fun; but don’t always represent our best selves. Yet, if those pictures are the only thing that come up when someone Googles you - they are likely to get the wrong impression. If you do want to post on social media, make sure you are comfortable with the content and also recognize that others in your photo might not want you to be sharing them.

Don't let pictures on social media haunt you after Halloween

If you wake up the next morning with some regrets, don’t worry...log back in and delete anything you don’t want to be available. If you use a service like, we frequently scan your accounts and flag any new content that we think you should review. If you are concerned about what you might have already posted in Halloween's past, check out our free Facebook scan and see what you find - always a fun trip down memory lane!

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