Don’t forget about those old accounts and profiles

Written by James on July 5, 2022

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Myspace, Flickr, Hi5, Foursquare, Google Plus….Remember these? During your time online it’s highly likely that you’ve left a few old accounts and profiles online. These can pose risks to both your reputation and online security. Here’s how and our partners can help you.

The average person has over 150 active accounts and profiles across the web and a long trail of old ones that many of us don’t give these a second thought about, but this scattering of your information can put you at risk, here’s how:

  • Risks to your online reputation. It’s fair to say that your MySpace profile from 2006 doesn’t probably represent who you are now, your interests or career. If old accounts and profiles were found by professional contacts it could lead to assumptions being made about your behavior and damage to your reputation, stopping you from getting a job or new business opportunities.
  • Risks to your privacy. Unscrupulous companies and data brokers collect the contact and personal information about you on old websites and use this to target you with ads and resell the information to others.
  • Risks to your security. Leaving your personal information scattered about the web can put you at risk if one of these websites is hacked or suffers a data breach. Although you might think your old information is worthless, this has value to criminals who can combine it with more recent information to find key details that could be used to answer security questions about you, reset your passwords and takeover frequently used accounts such as your online banking.

If you’re in the US,’s account scan function can help you find some of the most common old accounts and profiles and then guide you through the steps you need to take to delete that account. Sign up here for an account with us today.

If you’re in the UK or Europe, you have the advantage of legislation to make requests to companies to delete your data. We’ve teamed up with Rightly, a new independent data action service. Rightly has launched a new simple and free service. It enables individuals to ask organizations to delete what information they hold on them. This helps people protect themselves, manage how they are profiled online and control where their data is. Sign up for Rightly Protect HERE.