New Year. New features to help you get ahead online.

Written by James on January 25, 2021

Screenshot of web page showing LinkedIn Guide

Building your online presence is more than just cleaning up the past and locking down your settings.

We want to enable you to curate your online profiles and present your best self online, so three new exciting tools are now included in accounts, alongside our extensive social media clean up and privacy tools.

Our LinkedIn Checkup

We walk you through everything you need to know to perfect your LinkedIn profile. Whether you have never created a LinkedIn profile before or are looking to improve your professional presence, check out our new tool to raise your profile for 2021.

Search your Social Media

Alongside our automated risk scan, you can now search Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find and delete past posts or photos. Just enter a few words in the search bar to say find those old college photos or something you said years ago on Twitter.

Scan your Videos

You can now scan your Instagram for any videos that could be damaging to your reputation or just plain embarrassing. This builds on our experience analyzing over 2 million social media photos and posts over the last year! Connect your Instagram to give it a try.

Now’s the time to make those New Year's Resolutions happen, and clean up your social media and polish up your LinkedIn so get started today with for free by signing up here