My online persona: why should I care?

Written by Jonathon on January 13, 2020

A elderly man with a beard and headphones taking a selfie into his smartphone.

Your online persona is the picture of yourself, online. It can be made up of many different types of information in multiple formats. Each of these add a piece to the persona puzzle and provide others with a personal profile on you.

Some common ones are social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, professional ones like LinkedIn, personal blogs, news articles, GitHub profiles and many more.

There now exists a thriving industry of services putting all these puzzle pieces together for a variety of use-cases. Some of these are for professional purposes, like vetting candidates for job applications, or determining credibility of one’s views and beliefs. Others are for social purposes, like discovering communities of like-minded people, or even screening potential romantic partners.

To better understand this, here are some examples of services that scan for data points to build a persona of you:

  • Social media scanning of current employees to screen for toxic and problematic workplace behaviour
  • AI-powered psychometric scans of social media to determine personality insights about you
  • Vetting programs to run background checks on individuals. Not only for employment, but also to vet potential investors, advisors, board members etc
  • Public record searches to dig into all aspects of your background, including police records, civil judgements, marriages, divorces, financial crime etc

These services touch on many aspects of our lives and are likely to become more comprehensive in future. Because of this, it is so important to understand and curate what you put into the public domain and understand what others post about you on the internet, so that we can maintain the persona we wish and remain in control of it.

This is where steps in. We aim to be your online privacy guardian, providing tools and information that allow you to stay in control of your online persona and ensure you put your best digital foot forward. If you’d like to find out more, join and get access to our extensive Privacy settings walkthroughs and social media clean up tools. All backed by our transparent satisfaction guarantee and support from our expert team.