Build Your Online Persona with our New LinkedIn Features

Written by Lexie on March 16, 2022

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If you’ve done a quick Google search about a person recently, it’s no secret that how we look online matters. From landlords to hiring managers, people are using search engines and social media sites to draw conclusions about others. At, we build tools that enable individuals to be their best selves online. This often begins with reviewing social media sites for previously shared posts that could be reputationally damaging and removing that content. But there’s more to being your best self online than just cleaning up the past. It’s important to build a positive online persona too, and we’ve made this process easy for our customers. Our members now have access to a suite of new features to build a positive online persona on Linkedin.

Building your positive persona on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site with more than 800 million members. With features that focus on hiring, networking, and sharing insights, it is no wonder that professionals across the world are using the site to enhance their careers. To get the most benefits from LinkedIn, individuals need to not only have a strong profile, but also connect with the right people, share content regularly, and protect their security. To help you do so, we’ve built a comprehensive suite of features that allow our members to build a positive online persona through 5 key steps:

  1. Review your LinkedIn
  2. Polish your Profile
  3. Create great Posts
  4. Expand your Network
  5. Control your Privacy Settings

Review your LinkedIn

As we mentioned, the first step in managing who you are online is cleaning up your social media and removing any posts that could damage your reputation. You may be familiar with our scanning tools, which allows you to review harmful content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. We’re very excited to announce that we’ve now launched this reviewing ability for your LinkedIn too. Similar to the other networks, the tool will review the posts you made previously on LinkedIn and flag any content that could be damaging to your reputation. Ultimately, you can decide the course of action on whether to delete those flagged posts.

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Polish Your Profile

Whether you want to find a new job or build your professional brand, a strong profile is a fundamental step. Our walkthrough guides provide step-by-step instruction to help you improve your profile and gain the most visibility. Our guides are made for those who are new to LinkedIn and need to create their profile as well as those who have a profile already and just need to enhance it. The combination of how to guides and recommendations based on best practices are sure to get your profile noticed.

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Create Great Posts

Once your profile is drawing attention, it’s important that you share your expertise and highlight your professional interests with your connections. An easy way to do so, is by sharing engaging and thoughtful posts. With our tool, you’ll find recommendations for writing your own great post as well as a search function to easily find articles about any industry, function or company if you would prefer to get started in this way. Our product enables you to easily share these articles and engage with your network with just a few clicks.

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Expand Your Network

Having a great profile and sharing your expertise is only valuable if you have a network on the platform to share it with. By expanding your network and the people you’re connected to, you’ll be extending your professional reach. Our product will help you find contacts on LinkedIn who you may already know and discover those with similar backgrounds, interests or shared alma maters. will also enable you to follow companies, industry leaders, and influencers based on the fields you are most interest in, allowing you to stay knowledgeable on key trends and insights.

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Review Your Settings

Lastly, like any other social media or online profile, we always need to be cognizant of what we share and what security measures we can take to protect ourselves. Our LinkedIn privacy walkthrough will help you set your visibility and ad preferences, download your data, and more.

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Are you ready to build your online persona? Join the thousands of individuals who have cleaned up their social media and built positive online personas with Get started today with our free account scan.