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Written by Lexie on August 5, 2020

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In a huge step towards our vision, we've launched a partnership with Identity Theft Protection provider IDShield, a US market leader with over a million paid members. This will empower thousands of American consumers, who are online more than ever before, to take control of their online privacy and social media content.

A groundbreaking partnership

IDShield now provides the suite of privacy tools and technology to their members, alongside their existing Credit, Financial Risk and Dark Web monitoring. Through these new groundbreaking Privacy Management tools, IDShield members can now manage their online accounts and social posts across the web, highlighting potential risks to their privacy and reputation.

With the rapid adoption of virtual and remote work, the privacy suite is an essential tool for professionals to be successful online. Members can now take control of where their data is available publicly and take action to understand their privacy settings across sites, remove old social media posts, tweets and photos which may be damaging to their reputation. Without these features, maintaining online privacy, and cleaning up old photos and posts can take anywhere from several hours to days.

The new features scan for a user's information across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, other online accounts and data brokers; the data is then analyzed using AI-based image and text processing to provide personalized and actionable recommendations. Users can review then remove posts and pictures, and change their personal information and settings, putting them in control.

A common goal to protect consumers

”Our vision is to be the online guardian to individuals, giving them control over the information they share on the Web” said James Chance Founder & CEO of Yourself Online, Inc. Consumers are now living in a new age where an individual's online presence matters more than ever before. People are suffering from the photos they posted when they were at college on Facebook, or because they can't understand how complicated privacy settings have become. Partnering with IDShield, an organization with over 1 million members, is a huge step for us and empowers their members to navigate these new times on the web."

“Consumers are right to be concerned about hackers and identity theft but they forget that the most lasting and damaging impact to personal reputation is committed by their own hand,” said Benjamin Stotts, Vice President of Product Technologies at IDShield. “Every day you can read a story about someone losing a job or having a college acceptance rescinded due to an unthinking and harmful tweet or picture posted. Social media feels like an informal conversation but it’s not and can have life shattering consequences. Working together, we can begin to help consumers take control of their online lives, clean up their social media past, and, over time, build a reputation to be proud of.”

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Online profile data is now being used in job candidate profiling, finance assessments, and even dating. In the new remote working world an individual's online reputation and digital trails are now hurting them like never before.

Our goal is to help users safeguard their online privacy and persona online. If you are interested in learning more about our tool and how we can partner with your organization, you can schedule a meeting with our team or reach out to us at

Want to clean up your online persona? We can help!

With you can make the right first impression by cleaning up your social media accounts. We quickly analyze your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, find photos and posts that may be harmful to your online persona, and let you delete and archive with our easy to use tool. We then continually scan your connected accounts and will alert you when any potentially harmful content has been found. We also provide Privacy settings walkthroughs. All backed by our transparent satisfaction guarantee and support from our expert team. Sign up today.