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Written by Lexie on October 28, 2021

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Social media screening is increasingly becoming part of the mainstream hiring process with 90% of corporate employers reviewing candidates’ personal social media. While a graduate students’ online persona should be an asset during their career search, too often it diminishes their prospects when old, damaging content resurfaces.

McCombs recognized that employers’ first impressions and evaluations of their students is now happening more often online first. Texas McCombs enlisted to work with MBA student leaders to improve their online personas--cleaning up old accounts and content and building the right profiles--supported by use of the AI-based tool and webinar events.

The Outcome:

2 virtual onboarding and educational sessions held

44,731 posts analyzed (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

1,561 items flagged through the platform

76% of students on the platform took action based on the product’s recommendations

"As part of my consulting recruitment process they audited my social media - I wish I had known about you before then!"

- Member of McCombs Class of 2022

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