How do I manage my Google privacy settings?

Written by Jonathon on January 27, 2020

Cell phone sitting on a desk with headphone cable plugged in showing the Google search bar

Google is incredible. It has the answers to all our questions, navigates us from A to B, manages our emails and provides calendar notifications for upcoming travel and events. In short, it knows quite a lot about us.

So how much does Google know about us? You might be surprised to find out Google can keep records of our:

  • search history
  • location history
  • call logs
  • voice and audio recordings
  • YouTube search and watch history
  • what we’ve read, watched and listened to online

Luckily there are tools that allow us to manage our privacy preferences so we only share select data with Google. The top three things you can do are:

  • Google Privacy Checkup: allows you to review key settings and the data Google uses to personalize your experience
  • Activity Controls: manage your web activity, location history, YouTube history and ad personalization settings
  • Google Dashboard: See and manage the data in your Google Account

There are many more privacy actions you can take within Google, such as downloading all the data Google has saved on you, managing web browsing preferences and seeing your Google Timeline.

Head on over to take a look at what Google has saved about you. Remember you are in control of your data and you decide what, when and where it can save about you. It’s a good habit to check your settings regularly to ensure you’re always in control.

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