How to get started with

Written by Dessi on March 25, 2020

Image of a blue and pink neon sign against a wall saying 'Start Now'.

Welcome to! We’re here to guide you through how to take control of your Persona.

Sounds like a lot?? Don’t worry, start here and we’ll make it easy.

Step 1 - Join us.

Create an account here. After payment, we will ask you to provide email addresses and log into the social media accounts you want us to check. We do this so that we can provide a score of your current privacy status and flag content we think you should review. We review your data and run a number of searches for anything relating to you after you sign up and then generate your dashboard. This can take up to 30 minutes depending on the amount of data we find but we’ll email you when your results are ready. Thanks for your patience.

We will not use your data for any reason apart from providing the service to you. You can always delete your account later, here.

Step 2 - Review your dashboard.

In the persona review, we show you any posts, photos or tweets that may be damaging to your professional reputation or just plain embarrassing. You can then review these recommendations and then delete the relevant piece of content. We also have the ability to delete across a specific time frame or by a certain category on Twitter. Want to wipe every tweet you wrote that’s older than a year ago...done!

In the privacy settings manager, you can use our comprehensive walkthroughs and checklists to take control of the accounts you have across the main networks. We clearly explain the settings you should review and guide you, step by step, in making these changes.

Step 3 - Relax...a little.

You’re part of our community now, you’ve taken the first steps to being in control and now you can feel relieved about your online life. We've also got a number of exciting new features in development that we look forward to sharing very soon.