UNC and yourself.online form partnership to support student-athletes

Written by Lexie on October 28, 2021

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UNC equips athletes with yourself.online to protect their athletes’ futures

College athletes use social media to connect with fans and the community, to establish their brand, and to share their highlights--on and off the field. But one negative post can ruin their reputation, tarnish the team’s brand, and impact their future.

Responding to negative headlines is costly, time consuming, and difficult. As athletes prepare for the new NIL era, their opportunities on social media will grow; however, so will the scrutiny of their online persona.

To support their athletes, UNC engaged yourself.online to equip their athletes with the technology and educational support to cleanup their social media, avoid reputational damage, and prepare for the NIL era.

The Outcome:

2 virtual onboarding and educational sessions held

40,455 posts analyzed (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

2,132 items deleted through the platform

67% of athletes and coaches on the platform took action based on the product’s recommendations

Contact us to safeguard your athletes’ futures:

Visit yourself.online/sports or email us: partnerships@yourself.online.