Dear Consultants...Clients are searching for you online

Written by Lexie on November 10, 2020

Surprised consultant

Dear Consultants...clients are searching for you online.

Your college days are behind you and the memories of spring break trips, Halloween parties, or football tailgates, might feel like a lifetime away. But as the memories fade, the pictures uploaded to social media remain just as clear as the day they were posted. Do you really want your clients to make assumptions about you, the work you are capable of, and your level of maturity based on your online life?

“I saw first hand how clients would frequently look up new consultants joining their projects and make, often highly inappropriate, deductions about who they are.”

- Former Accenture Consultant

Clients are searching and your credibility online matters more than ever

The Age of Digital Transparency means that clients and their teams now have unprecedented access to the past lives of you and your colleagues. A growing list of services such as, and are being increasingly used by clients to validate the reputations of their consultants.

While these services make it extremely easy and efficient to search for people across the web, you don’t need sophisticated tools to realize that it’s all too easy to leave too much of a trail behind online and it is quite easy for others to discover this footprint. Whether it’s searching a Facebook user via the email address they provide on LinkedIn, filtering search results based on university or employer name, or using a combination of name and location search, it often takes just a few clicks to find the person you are looking for. As clients increasingly search their suppliers and partners online, it is critical that you do not let old images on your profile get in the way of your own career or the reputation of your firm.

“But I’ve Updated My Privacy Settings”

Overtime, we have all become more aware of the lack of privacy we have once we upload pictures online. In turn, we’ve locked down many of our profiles and limited access to the information from the general public. Therefore, when someone outside of your network comes across your profile, they may not see your newest content. They might not see the family you post about, puppies you’ve adopted, or even the banana bread you learned to make in quarantine. Updating your privacy settings is essential. However, it is imperative that you also ensure the images and albums you uploaded previously are made private too. If not, it could mean that others come across your older posts even more easily and with just a brief scroll down your profile.

In talking with many consumers, our team has discovered this specific concern with people who attended colleges and universities (at least partially) from 2007-2012. This group of people were part of the first generation of Facebook users and more often than not, have photos and albums that were uploaded around ten years ago and are still publicly available.

As our consumers have told us, the images our tool uncovered are not representative of the type of content they would want their employers or clients finding. In fact, they described the photos as, “cringy high school photos,” “embarrassing, provocative Halloween costumes,” and “nights of heavy drinking that are hard to recall.” Despite these sentiments, the photos are readily available online anyways. Do you have old, compromising photos on your Facebook?

Are you ready to get started?

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