How am I being profiled online?

Written by Jonathon on February 18, 2020

Illustration of two figures with magnify glasses reviewing a list of online profiles

Many of us have been screened as part of a job recruiting process. This can be done through background checks, psychometric tests and reference checks with previous colleagues. But do you know how else you can be profiled these days?

Employers can use social media screening tools to screen for toxic workplace behaviour.

Investors can use profile builders to analyse positive and risky aspects of entrepreneurs.

Fitness instructors can use AI psychometrics to find what motivates you.

Tinder dates can use language processing apps to ascertain more about your personality.

The list goes on. And itโ€™s pervasive.

So what do all these services have in common? Personal data about you, shared across a variety of platforms and formats. These services and many others like them scan the internet, social media, news and other sources to compile data about you and draw insights into your personality, motivations and behaviours. Every time we post something online, we add another data point that these services can add to their algorithms to build a more complete picture about us.

At we realise there are many legitimate purposes for services like these, but itโ€™s also evident that such rich data at an individual level is attractive to those with more nefarious purposes: hackers, scammers, identity thieves etc.This is why we believe it is paramount to ensure that you are in charge of your data online to ensure your privacy and put your best digital foot forward.

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