Make sure your Halloween posts aren’t tricks...just treats!

Written by Lexie on October 28, 2021

friends taking picture at halloween party

From trick or treating, to costumes, to the spooky decorations, Halloween always proves to be a fun holiday to celebrate with friends and family -- and the millions of photos posted on social media (#halloween) show just how many people celebrate! But as Halloween approaches, remember to make sure your Halloween social media posts aren’t too spooky for a future employer.

“What happens at the party, stays at the party” is just witchful thinking!

Now that we are back to spending holidays in-person instead of on Zoom, days like Halloween tend to make their way onto social media. With nearly everyone having a smartphone, pictures and videos are often shared in real time on Instagram and Facebook. While there is nothing wrong with sharing your Halloween photos with friends and family across your social media accounts, you may want to think about a few things first:

  • Is there a chance that your costume could be offensive to others?
  • Will your party include excessive drinking or habits you wouldn’t want your boss, coworkers, or admissions officials to see?
  • Is your costume and decorations appropriate for the general public?

Even if you do not upload posts to your own social media, there is a good chance that somebody you will be with will. In the moment, these pictures may just represent friends hanging out or enjoying a party. However, others may interpret them differently. If your social media posts (or those you are tagged in) highlight illicit activities, excessive partying, or inappropriate costumes, keep in mind that these images will stay with you for the long run. If the wrong pictures do get shared, it is best to remove them before you give an employer or future employer the wrong impression.

Carve out some time to review your old posts

Immediately following Halloween is a great time to review content you posted and remove anything that could potentially damage your reputation. First, these social media posts are fresh on your mind and quick to find on your feed. Additionally, if someone else uploaded a photo, not only can you untag it, you can also message them to remove it, at a time that is easy for them to remember the picture or video.

But what about those skeletons in your closet?

While it is easy to find and delete posts from this year that may not be appropriate for broad sharing, finding old social media posts from Halloweens in the past is more difficult and time consuming. Although you may be more conscientious of what is posted nowadays, you were likely more lenient in the past. In fact, the majority of us didn’t recognize how long-lasting our digital footprint would be. We’re here to help make sure those old social media posts from years past no longer haunt you! can help make your online persona gourd-geous!

Our tool analyzes your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok to find any posts, photos or videos that may be harmful to your online persona. The search results are easily presented in a personalized dashboard, with simple, actionable steps to either approve or delete any flagged content.

So what are you waiting for? Scan your social media for free and get started cleaning up your social media today so you can be confident you’re putting your best foot forward online!