We’ve saved our customers from over 150,000 career-damaging old posts and photos

Written by James on July 17, 2021

Image of flagged content categories and a persona score

Since launching our service in April of last year, we’ve helped thousands of paying customers to clean up their social media and improve how they look online. This includes professionals working for leading organizations, those looking for a job, graduating university students and even athletes. Recently, we reached the milestone of our unique technology having found over 150,000 old posts, photos and videos that could be damaging to our customers' careers.

You’d be surprised what’s on your profiles

Although you might think your own social media is probably fine, time to think again. How about those old posts and photos from years ago at college on Facebook? Or the things you’ve posted on Twitter? We’ve analysed over 3.8M items of social media content and found our customers each have posted over 1,500 items on social media, with 86% of customers now having one or more items that could now damage their career. When we scan our customers' social media, we look for:

  1. Activities that are illegal
  2. Activities that our extensive research has found professionals and recruiters look on negatively
  3. Offensive, toxic and highly negative text

A full breakdown of what our technology looks for can be found here

Facebook; home for your photos, some of which now need to come down

Facebook is a home to most of our customers' online memories since the mid 2000’s, some of which I’m sure they’d rather forget. Our technology has found over 120,000 potentially career damaging photos. When it comes to posts, we’ve uncovered over 15,000 posts that could damage the reputation of our customers, of which 2,500 were highly toxic.

Twitter; time to clean up those old rants

Twitter has been a place to share short snappy tweets and comments, and unfortunately more often than not, a rant or two. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to get carried away and increasingly old tweets are coming back to bite. We’ve scanned over half a million tweets from our customers and uncovered 10,000 tweets which could be career damaging, of which 3,000 were highly toxic or highly aggressive and 6,500 contained profanity. Unsurprisingly the most common profanity was the F word!

Surfacing potentially damaging social media posts is just the start of our service

After they’ve scanned their accounts, our customers are able to decide if they want to delete the item or mark it as ok. Our flagging is a recommendation and we realise attitudes to social media are subjective. Our customers always have the final say on what they want to delete or keep. They can even choose to delete whole chunks of their social media history beyond what’s flagged. Overall 51% of our customers take action from our recommendations and our service has deleted tens of thousands of social media posts, photos and videos, receiving great feedback from our customers along the way.

So, time to make sure you’re making the right first impression online?

If this article has got you thinking about what’s on your own social media accounts, we’re here to help. Our service quickly analyzes your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, finds photos and posts that may be harmful to your online persona, and lets you easily delete and archive. Our expert team is always there to help along the way, so what are you waiting for? Get your free Persona Score now, to get started!